You can think of Let Me Help You Upgrade as a technology helper service. I am available to help you upgrade to a new device, and also to upgrade the experience with your current device.

Let Me Help You Upgrade is owned and operated by myself, Robert Nelson. Having spent numerous years writing about, using, and reviewing technology for the early adopter, I came to realize there was another group of users who were being underserved — the everyday user. The everyday user is a person who enjoys the benefits that come with technology, but also a person who just wants things to work.

I grew tired of hearing horror stories such as how someone lost all of their personal photos, contacts and other important data just because they got a new smartphone, tablet, or computer. Getting a new device should be a happy time — not a stressful time — so Let Me Help You Upgrade.

Contact me by email: robert@letmehelpyouupgrade.com, telephone: 727.916.7279, or find me on Facebook.